Vivian Rosenthal: Goldrun

Vivian talked about the immensity of data and difficulty in navigating it:

“I think one of the biggest things we’re going to see in the next few years is curation.”

Augmented reality is allowing us to see the world as two layers. Reality first, and then digital, captured through your smartphone. Smartphones are essentially wearable computers, through which people are sharing information constantly. Google glasses and other developing technologies might make this second layer even more present.

Goldrun is putting the tools out there to create user-generated, personalized ads, adding branded content to photos. Facebook users upload over 250 million photos per day. If you can tap into that stream you have a powerful advertising platform.

Invisible pop-ups allow you special presence without real estate.

Goldrun is platform agnostic; it works across all media devices.

They are opening Goldrun up to audiences as well, so users can add content to environments.